Change is inevitable

but transformation is by conscious choice.

~Heather Ash Amara~

Hi, I'm Kristi

My mission is to inspire and empower people to live their best and most authentic lives. I believe that each of us has the potential to create the life experience we deserve. I want to guide you into learning how to authentically and effectively accomplish your goals.

Using the latest Brain based coaching techniques rooted in Neuroscience, I can support my clients to develop positive neural networks, enhance decision-making skills, and respond calmly to stressful experiences. This will also allow me to assist in accessing more creativity, tapping into your self-awareness, setting reachable goals, and much more.

Kristi Pallino, Neuroscience Life Coach

What People Are Saying

Coach Kristi is a God send, she is insightful, knowledgeable, kind compassionate and gifted over the time I have worked with her I have completed so many of my life goals: from getting my manuscripts in shape to send to my publisher to starting businesses. Kristi also helped me navigate personal and professional decisions, her combination of her training and intuitive insight has helped me to stay on path, see things more clearly and remain true to my vision. If you are truly serious about your life purpose and your life goals, you need coach Kristi on your team.

Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest

I can write pages on how Kristi has coached me into many powerful life changes, I’ve worked with other coaches, but finding Kristi was a game changer! She is well versed and is extremely knowledgeable. In working with her I felt safe, understood, listed to and honored. She has a keen sense of how to get to the root of what was holding me back from my own life purpose. She has guided me into places in my life that have been waiting to be released and lived. She truly is a light house. If you are reading this you owe it to yourself to get this life changing coach in your life.

Jason St. John

Coach Kristi is a supportive force of the highest order, she’s able to see the light in any situation and guide me toward it with an understanding heart. I feel strengthen, safe and deeply seen by having her presence in my life. Working with her, I have transformed and grown through difficulty and triumphs, and Kristi has been able to witness, guide and celebrate my journey every step of the way. May you receive her life energy force.

Patrick Vogel

Human brain illustration

Neuroscience is exciting.

Understanding how thoughts work, how connections are made, how the memory works, how we process information,
how information is stored
it’s all fascinating!

~Lisa Randall~